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There is no other way to say it, weddings are expensive. The average wedding now costs over $30,000, and it can be argued that weddings are for the guests. The bride and groom hardly have time to enjoy themselves before they realize the night is over. So with the night passing by so quickly, there are numerous ways to minimize the expense of a wedding without detracting from the enjoyment. The keys are to think outside the box and prioritize.

  1. Prioritize. Some brides may think it’s necessary to have parting gifts for your guests at the end of the night. And some brides might think it’s important to have gift baskets in your guests hotel rooms. What’s most important to you? If your budget is tight, forgo the extra little things that can quickly add up.

2. Choose another day to wed besides Saturday. Most brides will choose to get married on a Saturday. Although it might be less convenient, any other day of the week can be much less expensive. Caterers are looking for work, and the venues are largely empty.

3. Cut the guest list down to size. Consider eliminating children and co-workers, for example. Eliminating a particular category of people is less likely to cause hurt feelings. After you’ve cut the list once, cut it again. A smaller venue, less food, and less drink results in lowered costs.

4. Have your ceremony and reception at the same location. Decorating one space instead of two could cut your floral budget considerably. By having one location, you would also save with transportation costs. 

6. Consider not having a seated dinner. One of the most expensive parts of a wedding can be serving a full meal. Consider serving appetizers, a loaded potato bar and a carving station and skipping the beef Wellington. 

7. Limit the alcohol options. An open bar is an invitation to a big expense. Champagne, beer and wine are great options!

With creative thinking and a little work, you can have a spectacular wedding that doesn’t break the bank. If you have a limited budget, you can still create a wedding and reception worth remembering.