Emily and Patrick

Emily and Patrick

Emily and Patrick

It’s not often that meeting someone in the Hamptons over the summer results in a relationship that lasts. In fact, when summer fades and the shares end, most Hamptons friendships fade right along with summer. Emily was living and working as an event designer in New York. Patrick lived in Boston. She had a summer share in the Hamptons that summer and Patrick was in the Hamptons visiting his sister when the two met at a local landmark. Both Patrick and Emily knew it was a bit different right from the start but neither would have readily admitted it– because dating in New York is not like dating anywhere else. When the summer ended, they kept seeing each other but they took it slow. The pair kept a long-distance relationship going for the next two years, traveling back and forth from New York to Boston. Of course, there was the occasional trip to Birmingham, too. Everyone realized Patrick was truly a keeper when he’d accompany Emily to her events, always happy to chip in to help where he was needed.

Date: February 11, 2017
Ceremony: Cathedral of the Advent, Birmingham, AL
Reception: The Birmingham Country Club
Photography: Someplace Wild Photography
Cake: Magic Muffin
Florist: Wildflower Designs
Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaids
Invitations: The Scribbler
Lighting: Event Rental Unlimited
Band: Atlanta Rhythm & Groove
Hair: Forecast Salon, Mark Hyde   Make-up: Leslie Corts



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November 1, 2017

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