Charles W. Bunstine II
 Designer Spotlight – Anna Maier Ulla Maija
Couture Fashion can be defined as creating a design and then making that design to the physical specifications of an individual client. For Anna Maier – Ulla-Maija designer Charles W. Bunstine II, couture design is not about price, it isn’t about fabric, couture isn’t about so many of the things that the world uses the word couture to define. He believes that couture is about design and make.
 For the past decade, the Anna Maier – Ulla-Maija brand has been known internationally as a couture house of bridal fashion. Today, Anna Maier – Ulla-Maija may be the last remaining couture bridal business in the United States. The mastermind behind the brand is designer Charles W. Bunstine II. He is extremely involved in every aspect of the business and when it comes to his clients, Charles believes in creating the perfect gown for every bride.
Anna Maier – Ulla-Maija’s couture design process is what makes their gowns so desirable. When a bride chooses a gown from their collection, a dress form is created to that bride’s exact measurements. The dress form is then draped with fabric to create a dress pattern specific to that bride. Anna Maier Ulla-Maija uses the finest fabrics in the world and believes that this is key to the success of their designs.

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