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Toni Federici

Toni Federici crafts innovative and diverse accessories that give more possibilities than ever. Tiaras, combs, hair brooches, pins, and fresh asymmetrical designs are available in a myriad of styles. Her veils are exclusive designs, with shapes that compliment your gown and body. Toni Federici’s designs are all about being unique and finding what feels good for you.



Toni Federici
Toni Federici Veil
Toni Federici veils
Toni Federici Bridal Veil
Toni Federici Beaded Veil
Toni Federici Lace
Toni Federici Lace Veils
Toni Federici Lace Edge Veil
Toni Federici Cut Edge
Trim Veil
Toni Federici Veil with Trim

Our bridal collections include Anna Barge, Anne Barge Blue Willow, Astrid & Mercedes, Carolina Herrera, Mikaella, Paloma Blanca, Studio Levena, Tara Lauren and many more.

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