Studio Levana Festival
April 16th – 30th

Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase during the Festival!

There are so many reasons why we love our Studio Levana gowns!  Studio Levana creates wedding dresses that are all really light and airy. You will not see any heavy or hard fabrics. And because of that you can move effortlessly in their gowns. In their plus size collection, you do not have to imagine how the dress will look on a plus size bride.They are naturally made for 16+ and are designed with a very special patented corset that holds you in like nothing else could. Therefore, the gown really emphasizes your waist and enhances your own curves. In the modest collection, you won’t’ have to add sleeves – they are already there. And they are designed to be modest from the get go.

The maternity gowns are made on a maternity mannequin with beautiful, light, stretchy and comfortable fabrics, as a result you and your baby will feel great without any pressure. And what we consider to be so very important here at The White Room is that Studio Levana makes your gown to your body measurements!