Everyone knows you throw rice when the bride and groom are leaving the reception to head off to their honeymoon and life together as a married couple. This tradition was started because it was believed to wish the new couple fertility and a bountiful life together. It is great to keep tradition alive by having your guests throw rice while you exit the reception but it can also be fun to put a twist on tradition and make your grand exit with one of our favorites:

How fun is this series of pictures? Big, colorful pieces of confetti are such an unexpected and cute way to walk out and it makes for really great pictures, obviously!


Another cute exit with a spin. What I love about adorning your exit with bubbles is that everyone can still see the happy new couple through them.

Flower Petals
Flower petals…gorgeous, natural (so no clean up), and they smell great. Who wouldn’t want to exit their wedding under a shower of flower petals?
 via Candace Nelson Photography
Sparklers are such a great way to exit your wedding because they are fun for everyone involved and they make for stunning pictures. The exit pictured above is one of our own gorgeous brides so of course we love it even more!
One Word…Glitter
What girl has not, at some point, been obsessed with glitter? How amazing would it be to leave your wedding reception under a shower of glitter? We think it would be pretty incredible.
And the greatest wedding exit goes to (drum roll)….
I’m sold on this one.