Weddings are marked by seasons. Girls choose whether they want a winter, summer, autumn, or spring wedding and almost every detail of the big day falls into place behind that choice. A wedding is an experience for all included and it is important that the atmosphere not feel out of place but it can be difficult to know all of the details for each season. Because of this we have gathered the best choices by seasons for flowers, color schemes, and food.


Summer                          Autumn                         Winter                            Spring
Dahlia                                  Calla Lily                           Calla Lily                           Dahlia
Gardenia                             Daffodil                              Daffodil                             Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera Daisy                    Gerbera Daisy                   Gerbera Daisy                  Hydrangea
Hydrangea                          Hyacinth                            Hyacinth                           Orchid
Lily                                       Orchid                                 Lily of the Valley             Rose
Orchid                                 Ranunculus                        Orchid                               Stephanotis
Peony                                  Rose                                     Peony
Poppy                                  Stephanotis                        Ranunculus
Rose                                     Tulip                                   Rose
Stephanotis                                                                     Stephanotis

The list above is based off of the seasons the different flowers grow in because although you can get almost anything at anytime, it will cost. To avoid big costs and stress it is best to stick with what is in season at the time of the wedding.
The color scheme chosen is another place in the wedding where the season has quite a bit of say. Brides can choose any colors they like but to really be cohesive with the season it is best to go by a guide such as:
Summer                          Autumn                             Winter                          Spring
Green                                   Burnt Orange                       White                               White
Yellow                                  Red                                         Black                                Yellow
Lavender                             Gold                                       Deep Green                     Soft Blue
Sky Blue                              Dark Purple                          Red                                   Green
 And then my favorite part of the wedding that is very much affected by the season….the food! Two things to keep in mind with food are that for summer think light and fresh and for winter think comfort food (whatever that means to you).
Summer                               Autumn                            Winter                            Spring
Lemons/Lemonade               Berries                                  Casseroles                         Tomatoes
Salads                                       Pumpkin                               Chili                                   Fresh Veggies
Fish                                           Sweet Potatoes                    Stew                                   Chicken
Every wedding will reflect the bride and groom as a couple but it makes for such a fun atmosphere and experience for everyone involved if seasons are taken into account.