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So, how is the coronavirus effecting bridal and you? Some people are expecting the worst, while some people are not up to speed on the effects of what the coronavirus is doing to the bridal industry. The coronavirus is now a global health emergency and has spread to 60,000 people worldwide and has killed more than 1,300, mostly in mainland China. About 70% of wedding gowns are made and produced in mainland China. And this is what all the concern is about. Parts of the country are on lockdown amid fears of the virus spreading. Some factories have temporarily closed while some others are producing at 1/2 staff.

WBRC Fox 6 reported on the impact coronavirus is making on wedding dresses. Cathy Kelley, owner of the White Room Birmingham is featured in the report.

This video and the full report can also be viewed at

The White Room wants to assure all of our brides that we are not effected by the coronavirus. We’ve had no delays and expect no delays! Just remember that not all of the factories in China are affected. The White Room has two designers where dresses are produced in mainland China. One of those two factories is up and running 100% staffed and fully operational. While the other factory is only running 3/4 staffed. The White Room has pulled those (the 3/4 staffed factory) dresses off the rack so that there is not a chance of any issues.

Our advise to brides at this point is to shop early (no procrastinators please)!  Question the staff/manager on where your gown is being produced and see if there are any known issues. Rely on your gut to lead you and research, research, research! If you do see yourself in a bind, remember that most all bridal shops have gowns that they are willing to sell off the rack. Planning a wedding is stressful in itself. So at this time, we want to assure our brides that they are safe in ordering from us. All of us here at The White Room believe it is very important to be informed on what’s going on in the world and hope this helps you if you are on the search for your dream dress!