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Handling Wedding Day Rain or Snow


Two words: golf umbrellas! Image credit: Nerida McMurray Photography via Polka Dot Bride.

Into every life, a little rain must fall…sometimes even on your wedding day. But don’t let rain or snow ruin your special moment. Learn how to handle wedding day rain or snow with grace and good humor.

Cheerful rain boots in the wedding colors? Yes, please! Image credit: Wedding Chicks.

Tip number one is to be prepared! Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If rain is called for, make plans to deal with it. Get cute rain boots for the bride and bridesmaids to wear, as in the picture above. Don’t you love those floral boots on the ‘maids? They look darling with their pink dresses and pearl bridemaids bracelets. Gather plenty of giant golf umbrellas and volunteers to carry them over incoming bridal party members and wedding guests (groomsmen are ideal for this task). Snow in the forecast? Get some cute boots and a beautiful hooded cape. There are ways to deal with the weather in style.

Embrace the rain! Image credit: Braedon Flynn Photography via Inspired By This.

Tip number two is to embrace the weather, rain, snow, or shine. Rather than considering it to be a curse, think of it as an opportunity for some unique and memorable wedding photos. What a great spirit is embodied by the couple in the boat photo above. The groom with his arms wide open to the heavens looks like he is a man who is ready to take on the world, come what may. And I love the smiling bride with the umbrella – it looks like her groom was chivalrous enough to provide shelter for his new wife. Very sweet, and a picture that never could have happened if the weather was “perfect”.

Great fun: the bride on a sled on a snowy wedding day. Image credit: Love Is a Big Deal via Green Wedding Shoes.

Props can be a great way to make the most of wintery wedding weather. How fantastic is this picture of a gorgeous bride in her white gown, fancy bridal jewelry, and snow boots being pulled on a sled by her groom? The red cardigan is a fabulous detail – it really pops against the white dress and white snow. It is a fun way to capture the spirit of the season in which you got married, rather than just taking all of your pictures indoors.

Their love will keep them warm. Image credit: Grazier Photography via The Cheeky Cafe.

Last tip, get out there and enjoy the weather! Some of the most romantic wedding pictures are taken of a couple kissing in a downpour or a snowstorm. It really shows how your love and passion transcend the weather. Of course, you can’t expect your wedding guests to be quite as enthusiastic about inclement weather, so do protect them from the elements with umbrellas, covered walkways, and a floor for a tented wedding on a rainy day. And remember how everyone says that rain on your wedding day means good luck for the marriage.