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For many couples, weddings are a time of traditions. Every culture has their own traditions but the South has a set of rules all its own, especially when it comes to weddings. For some it may be easy to see these treasured traditions as old and outdated but first take a look at how many young brides are keeping these old ways fresh and fun.
One beloved custom to do before the wedding is burying the bourbon.
Burying the Bourbon involves some superstition which is always fun. It’s said that burying a bottle of bourbon upside at the site of the ceremony a month before the wedding will bring good weather. The groom and groomsmen will also enjoy digging it up and having a pre-ceremony drink on the big day. It may be folklore but many couples claim that they buried the bourbon and although the forecast called for storms they had perfect skies.
This next custom is alive and kicking and especially fun for the girls in attendance and it’s called a cake pull.
A cake pull dates back to Victorian times and is for the single girls/bridesmaids, although many times it is only the bridesmaids who take part. Traditionally charms tied to ribbons are placed in the bottom layer of the wedding cake after baking and the girls each pull their own ribbon and whichever charm they pull out of the cake is said to tell their fortune. Many girls are now opting to do this practice in settings such as bridesmaid luncheons instead of at the actual wedding. The usual set of charms and their meanings are: horseshoe (good luck), chili pepper (red hot romance), fleur de lis (prosperity and wealth), anchor (life of stability), shooting star (bright future), wedding ring (next to get married.) There are many other optional charms to choose from but these are the standard.
Last but definitely not least, another favorite tradition is the groom’s cake and this practice was made famous by the very memorable groom’s cake in the movie Steel Magnolias. The armadillo made of red velvet cake in the movie gave everyone a good laugh but this is a very time honored practice. The groom’s cake is for the bride to show her groom some attention on the big day. So much of the wedding day is about what the bride wants and her tastes and choices so the groom’s cake is designed by the bride to display something about the groom’s personality for the cake table. There have been so many different designs done for the groom’s cake and each one is better and more fun than the last!