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Pinterest has become the place to find your dream everything for your wedding. From cute favor ideas to the perfect lighting, you can find it all! Here at The White Room, we have discovered that so many girls find their dream dress online but there’s never a designer attached to the picture. Don’t stress, we can help you out!
This past weekend, our beautiful bride Sara Anne had her gorgeous wedding in her dream dress! She found a picture on Pinterest and simply fell in love. She came to see us a while back to hunt down her dress but we couldn’t decipher who the designer was based off the picture. So what did we do? We created it!
If you haven’t met our seamstress/owner yet, you are missing out! Carolyn is simply the best in the business. I (consultant, Jessica) have worked at other bridal stores in different parts of the country and hands down I’ve never seen work like Carolyn’s! She has a determined attitude, if you can dream it then she will figure out a way to create it! So when Sara Anne came to see us, we found her perfect “Base Dress” and went from there. Carolyn added gorgeous lace to the top and custom made her dress to be, in Sara Anne’s words, “the perfect dream dress!”
So if you are struggling to find exactly what you love, come see us at The White Room! We have lots of gorgeous gowns and loads of ideas! You will absolutely love it here and love Carolyn!
Here’s a few pictures to show you Carolyn with Sara Anne while the dress is in progress! We will post her wedding photos too as soon as we have them!
The White Room Bridal Salon - Sarah Anne