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It is almost officially spring and we are celebrating with a SAMPLE SALE! This is a chance for you to come find your DREAM GOWN at your DREAM PRICE! From Tuesday, March 22 to Thursday, March 31, you can come browse our selection of designer dresses and hopefully find THE dress!


Before you book your appointment, take a look at how to make the most of your Sample Sale experience.


  • Come in with an open mind.
    • While you won’t find a designer’s most recent collection of dresses available in a sample sale, you WILL find some beautiful dresses from a few seasons back that are still in pristine condition. We take excellent care of our samples and have so many to choose from! 



  • You CAN stay in budget! (Hallelujah.)
    • A sample sale is a great opportunity to buy a gorgeous, perhaps pricey, gown at a heavily discounted price. For a bride with a limited budget or fast-approaching wedding, this is the perfect chance to find the dress of your dreams! With nearly 100 dresses to choose from and prices starting at only $500, there is no better time to shop!



  • In a time crunch? Take your dress the day you buy!
    • Most wedding dresses have a 4-5 month turnaround once ordered. For a bride with a short engagement, this can be problematic. However, with a sample sale, a bride has the opportunity to walk away with her dress THAT DAY. Be prepared to pay for the dress in full when buying a sample gown. Payment with a credit card allows the bride to leave with her dress; Payment with a check will require later pickup once the check clears, so plan according to your timeline!



  • Understand the sizing…
    • The sample dresses offered here at the White Room range from size 8 to size 16, which will fit brides who wear a street size 2-14. A good seamstress is a miracle worker and most dresses can be altered down to fit, so don’t automatically rule out a dress because it is a size or two too big. Understand that the sizes you see are what we have available for purchase as part of the sample sale. If you don’t find the dress you want in your size, do not be discouraged. Consider trying a different style dress that you wouldn’t normally choose. You never know until you try it on!


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  • You need to make an appointment.
    • We DO still require appointments for a sample sale and things can get a little hectic! With a sale this incredible, there will be a lot of brides looking for their dress. This is NOT the time to bring your entire wedding party. We recommend bringing only one or two people if you need their opinion.




  • Decisions, Decisions…
    • When participating in a sample sale, you need to be ready to make a quick decision. These dresses are first come, first sold and we will not hold dresses for anyone. All you will have left to do is SAY YES.


Hopefully you can take away some tips and help make your sample sale shopping a wonderful experience!