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What better way to get personal with your wedding than with cute table number ideas!

We wanted to leave you with a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing! Here’s our top favorites!

For every number, let there be a picture of the bride and groom at that age!
Instead of using plain numbers, why not put out a book for the guests at the table to write in! This couple used their anniversary numbers to say when they would read the advice! 

There’s always a million uses for burlap  but we love the idea of using an old burlap sack, stenciling the numbers on and putting it around the centerpieces. Perfect way to add a unique rustic touch!
For all of you teachers out there, make your guests do some work! On an old chalkboard the couple wrote simple math equations to solve for the table number!

Use an old door knob that has been attached to a board with a painted number as your table numbers! And to add to it, try finding old antique keys, attaching tags to them with the guests name for escort cards. 

How creative right?? This couple used vintage bow ties as the table “names”. The bow tie descriptions were a cute way to add to their decor!

A country rustic vibe can be added to your tables by using an old banjo with a painted number.

Take photos of yourself with a number, what a neat way to make each table personal!

You’ve seen the wine bottle, the corks, etc for table numbers but we just love how romantic and vintage this was!

Beach wedding?? Cute idea for table numbers!

Hang the escort cards on a tree in the shape of leaves! You could have table numbers displayed on wood to add that extra touch!

Paint or better yet, carve, the numbers into pumpkins! They turn into perfect center pieces!

Antique playing cards

A perfect way to provide the guests some pre-dinner munchies while also taking care of the table number dilemma!

Use larger pine cones for table numbers  on the tables and smaller pine cones for the escort cards! It give a rustic vibe to a beautiful winter wedding!