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March was our second month of White Nights- Evening Outs and we hosted master gardener, Carol Riley of Lillie Jane formerly Lillie’s. Carol walked girls through what a true wedding floral designer should be like, what they should provide for you, and what you should look for when meeting with them. She gave lots of advice about color, bouquet sizes and shapes, and things to remember about your bouquet on your wedding day.

Carol said to make sure that you find a floral designer that stays true to you. If the designer is a true designer she or he should be able to make any of your floral dreams come true.

It’s also important to show your florist a picture of your gown. They need to know the shape and style of your dress in order to make the right bridal bouquet. The first questions a florist should is ask is what does your dress look like and how tall are you. These are MUSTS.

Another thing to keep in mind as you look through magazines and Pinterest is that flowers are seasonal, so yes, you may always be able to get those beautiful hydrangeas but it may cost you more to have them in December versus April. Be mindful of the season you are getting married and keep your flowers true to the season in order to honor your budget.

If you have any questions be sure to visit Lillie Jane’s Facebook page and website!

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Next month we will be featuring all things Bridesmaids! Join us April 7th at 6:00 for the best bridesmaids gowns and gifts from local Birmingham stores!