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Last Wednesday was 12-12-12, and the interesting date turned a mid-winter Wednesday into a popular day to tie the knot. Brides are in love with special dates, think 10-11-12 or the wildly popular 7-7-07 a few years ago. Other couples don’t go for numerical significance, but rather choose their date in honor of some other special event. For instance, one couple I knew got married on an ice cold January day in memory of the bride’s beloved grandmother, whose birthday was on that date (never mind that the wedding reception interfered with the NFL Playoffs!). It was a beautiful way to honor a dear relative, much like wearing your mother’s wedding dress or your grandmother’s pearl or diamond earrings.

Would you tie the knot on a special date like 12-12-12?

Sometimes wedding dates are chosen not for what the day means, but for the sake of convenience (long weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day are always popular). Dates can also be selected because they do not coincide with a particular event. It would be madness to plan your wedding for the same day as the Superbowl or on Thanksgiving, for example…unless you want to make sure that nobody actually shows up.

Every weekend in the summer is popular for weddings. Image credit: Justin and Mary Marantz via Brides.

In the end most couples choose their wedding date much like they would the menu, attire and wedding accessories, and music: does it fit with the vision of the event, can we work it into the budget (Saturdays during the summer being considerably more expensive dates than Thursdays in January), and does it allow us enough time. That said, if the weekends that work for you happen to land on a day with a really cool date, all the better.

We want to know: how did you choose your wedding date?