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Well you’ve officially made it into that magical space between girlfriend and wife. But before you walk down the aisle, you have to make it through the wedding planning stage, which can sometimes be a challenge. The White Room would like to offer tips on managing some of the major aspects for organizing your fabulous fete!

SET THE DATE… The engagement period not only gives you time to plan the wedding, but also to prep for your marriage so don’t feel rushed to set a date if you and your groom  haven’t yet decided. Getting engaged is already a very big and exciting step.  It’s okay to enjoy this time for a while without the pressures of jumping right into the wedding planning. So pick a date that has meaning to you, such as the day you met, which can be romantic. Many couples select their wedding date based on availability of their dream location. And if you are open to it, choosing a date that doesn’t conflict with work can avoid some stress.

LET’S BEGIN … After you’ve worked out your budget, the next step is finding the ceremony and reception site. Start brainstorming ideas and venue options with your groom. Your wedding style and personality should dictate when deciding on the venue, and the one that best suits your vision and expectations will stand out. Once you’ve selected your location, you can start choosing the rest of your vendors. Create a checklist of everything that needs to be done. This can be the key to remaining sane.

ALL IN PERSPECTIVE … Of course you should be excited about your upcoming event, but don’t lose sight of why you’re orchestrating this big party. Planning a wedding can cause a lot of drama to arise and often times it’s not your fault, but it would be your fault if you were acting self-centered, neglecting relationships and responsibilities, or leaving people out of the fun. Be sensitive to and respectful of your friends’ and families’ feelings in everything you do and ask from them. Remember that everyone involved in your wedding, especially your groom, means more than all the details in the wedding. The actual wedding goes by so quickly, it’s not worth going crazy over little things you can’t control.

Come up for air during the wedding planning and make time for your groom. Take advantage of the Spring and the Fall weather and go on long walks or energizing runs together. Bond over ice skating in the Winter or enjoy a lazy day at the beach during the Summer. The alone time with him will help keep you focused and make him happy!